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New Hope Elementary will pursue and recruit top-rated teachers and administrators once we have obtained our charter. We realize this will be a challenge due to the shortage of teachers in our state. However, it will take an army of qualified educators who are willing to come to the Lowcountry of South Carolina to invest in the bright minds of the children who live in these communities.
Hiring the best and brightest minds in our state will be accomplished by first offering these individuals a competitive compensation package. We realize that compensation along is not enough. Therefore, our plan is to assist them in the classroom by limiting class sizes to a maximum of 18 students, giving them scheduled planning time EVERYDAY and requiring them to complete less paperwork.

New Hope Elementary plans to hire a proven principal who has the drive, vision and skill-sets necessary to create a Blue Ribbon school in one of the most challenging communities in our state. It will require an individual with exceptional leadership skills and a desire to inspire.

We know the mammoth task this will be so our plan calls to hire an assistant principal to round out our team of administrators.


We realize that a school can only become a great school if it has GREAT teachers in the classroom. Our plan is to hire a mix of experienced educators along with certified teachers who have recently graduated from college. This blend of classroom educators will provide our school with the experience necessary to mentor up-and-coming stars who are just entering the field of education.

Each classroom teacher will be assigned a teacher's aide to assist them with daily classroom duties. These aides will themselves become an extension of the learning experience in the classroom.


We know it takes a village to provide a quality educational experience for a student. That's why we will be hiring a full compliment of front office staff, food handlers, custodians and other staff necessary to operated a school.

Another critical position we will be hiring are parent educators. Our plan is to have one parent educator for every 3 classrooms. These individuals will work with parents on how they can extend their child's learning experience into the home. They will be the bridge between the classroom and the home-front by offering parents tips and assistance with various challenges they may be facing at home.

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