Our School Transportation Service

Due to the economic climate of the targeted region we will serve and our desire to serve multiple school districts, the school does not want transportation to be a barrier for students wanting to attend the school. For those students that require transportation to/from the school, we will encourage parents to carpool. We will assist by gathering and publishing the names of those interested in carpooling so parents can form carpools. We will also encourage carpool riders to reimburse the carpool driver for transportation expenses. Parents will assume all responsibilities when carpooling as it is not a school sanctioned function.

For those students where carpooling is not a viable solution, the school will provide limited bus services for students. The service will utilize group stops where the pick-up and drop-off points will only be within the parking lots of private/public facilities as may be contracted with churches, libraries and commercial businesses. The school will not pick-up or drop-off students while on public thoroughfares. The limited bus services will be provided where financially feasible.

The school's bus transportation service will provide students a ride in a safe, state-of-the-art bus featuring cameras, GPS, and Wi-Fi systems on board. An instructional aide or teacher will be onboard to provide homework assistance. The school's leadership realizes that for every bus used by the school will eliminate the need for as many as 36 automobiles on the rural backroads, improving safety, punctuality and chaotic arrival and dismissal periods.
Co-share the Cost

The cost for bus transportation service will be co-shared between those families that use it and the school. We realizes that the co-share portion of cost may place a financial burden on a family and it's our desire not to have the cost for transportation be a barrier for students wanting to attend the school. That's why the school plans to pursue available transportation grants and other funding sources to help offset the cost for bus transportation services.


Students with disabilities will be provided the same transportation access and opportunities afforded to students without disabilities. If necessary, the school will provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities as defined by IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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